Your Comment Wasn't Funny, And Neither Are You (also known as YCWF) is a series which explores drama hosted by Killer Keemhat. Everything here is mocked and over exaggerated.


  • Hat - The series host with discusses about the drama.
  • Pixel Pan-sok - A North Korean co-host who makes fun of the small aspects of the people who partake in the drama.
  • Cap - Keemhat's genderfluid asexual cousin who isn't cool.

IDK you guys can add yourselves if you want


Season 1 (2017)

  1. 9/11 Happened For A Reason, Unlike You Because You Were A Mistake
  2. People Who Like Anime Should Probably Kill Themselves
  3. Your Real Mother Was A Stripper, Your Real Father Never Got Laid
  4. They Say "You Are What You Eat...I Guess That Makes Me A Pussy
  5. Your Carreer Is As Dead As Madeleine McCann 
  6. Blue Bunny Sucks And Mr. Frosty's Better

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