You Aren't Funny is a song by Gorge Jihad.

  • You come into this wiki
  • You can't get real jokes
  • Herds and Herds and Herds of you
  • Go home you uncultured folk
  • Saying minions on Facebook
  • your parents left you on the street
  • Triggered, poor, and sensitive
  • Where you come from must be beat
  • [CHORUS]
  • You always make us wait
  • You're the ones we hate
  • You can't communicate
  • Spam funny memes or die
  • You don't know what I want
  • You don't know what I need
  • Why must I repeat myself
  • Can't you fuckin' read
  • Nice fuckin' OCs
  • Why can't you meme like me
  • What's that frown on you face,
  • Do you use it to see

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