World War Wiki is a song by Gorge Jihad.

  • Amse against dahl
  • Illegals versus walls
  • The chat wars won't stop
  • Until we're all blocked
  • Blaming, spamming, riots get fucked in the asses
  • Night hawk, brings dahl, wiki reduced to ashes
  • Don't call me your brother
  • 'cause I ain't your fucking brother
  • We fell from different wikis
  • And your profile's an ugly color
  • Wiki War
  • We're going to a Wiki War
  • Wiki War
  • We're going to a Wiki War
  • Bloodshed, rampage, cringe is not subsiding
  • Chaos, bedlam, violent weeb uprising
  • Memers against weeaboos
  • And the Autistics versus Jews
  • The Visual and source editors
  • No one wins we all lose
  • Everybody's gonna die
  • Xenophobic tendencies
  • Instilled in us at birth
  • Are disabled sensitive kids
  • Hostilities getting worse
  • Accept the fact my distant cousin
  • We cannot live in peace
  • Isolated wikis
  • May just be the key
  • Users suspicious
  • Soon fear grows to hate
  • We'll have each other by the throat
  • When forced to integrate
  • Admins watch their users block
  • At each other's hand
  • Lemon and Hat set the course
  • Ethnocentric command
  • Wiki War
  • Wiki War

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