Welcome to Lakeside is the first Comedy World VHS that was released on April 17, 1998. It includes 5 episodes. A DVD reprint was released on May 2, 2002.


Comedy World is a brand new show where you can join in on one of PC Guy and Eric's adventures. The title for the show definitely makes sense, since there is comedy available everywhere you go.


  • Pilot - PC Guy introduces himself, his brother Eric, their friends, and the world of Lakeside City to you!
  • Pranks for Nothing - PC Guy pulls some pranks on Eric, it's harmless at first, but then it goes to his head...
  • The Girl - Kimberly comes for a visit, and the brothers battle to impress her.
  • A New Friend - A new student arrives at school, but becomes a target for Carver.
  • Homeless - After getting evicted from their house, PC Guy and Eric attempt to take residence in Stanley's mansion.


The DVD reprint includes 5 additional episodes.

  • New Roommate - Dallas is kicked out of his house, so the brothers allow him to live with them.
  • Club Eric - PC Guy creates a club for all his friends, but he forgets about Eric!
  • The Ride - The Lucky 9 visits the fun fair to ride the world's most dangerous roller coaster!
  • Break a Leg - Old Man Esmond goes to the hospital for a long-awaited hip surgery, and Eric tags along.
  • The Storm - A terrible storm hits Lakeside! Will the citizens survive it?


  • The cover is based on Pranks for Nothing.
  • This was the first Comedy World-related VHS to be released to the public.

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