Welcome to Lakeside is the first Comedy World VHS that was released on April 17, 1998. It includes 5 episodes. A DVD reprint was released on May 2, 2002.


Comedy World is a brand new show where you can join in on one of PC Guy and Eric's adventures. The title for the show definitely makes sense, since there is comedy available everywhere you go.


  • Pilot - PC Guy introduces himself, his brother Eric, their friends, and the world of Lakeside City to you!
  • Pranks for Nothing - PC Guy pulls some pranks on Eric, it's harmless at first, but then it goes to his head...
  • My Fair Kimberly - Kimberly comes for a visit, and the brothers battle to impress her.
  • A New Friend - A new student arrives at school, but becomes a target for Carver.
  • Homeless - Upon expirencing poverty, PC Guy and Eric attempt to take residence in Stanley's mansion.


The DVD reprint includes 5 additional episodes.

  • Pie Peril - The brothers battle over the last slice of a blueberry pie!
  • Do the Boogie Man - Joey has a dream where all of his worst fears haunt him for all eternity!
  • Say Cheese - For a school project, PC Guy uploads a video that accurately displays what a normal day in the Pearson household looks like.
  • The Origin of the Pearsons - Paul tells the brothers the story of how he met their mother, Susan.
  • Ominous Opera - PC Guy is leading an opera, but does he know that Eric has tagged along?

Bonus Features


  • The cover is based on Pranks for Nothing.
  • This was the first Comedy World-related VHS to be released to the public.