Creepyville is a upcoming Series about a girl named Semyazza Carpathia who, Now know as Happy the Happy birthday clown Who now A Creepypasta she Kills some people who Tries enter Creepyville but one boy She Friend and His Name Bruce Adriehl L. Concepcionshe nurse him back to health But During his Healing he wore A disguise that Happy gave to him so no Creepypasta won't kill Him and her but it goes crazy when Jeff Found out So Jeff Promise not to tell LJ(Laughing Jack) About Her Bring a him Human to Creepyville if she babysit Sally


Semyazza Carpathia (Happy the Happy birthday clown)

Bruce Adriehl L. Concepcion


Broken Ashley,Sally and Salem Twins

The Observer

Bloody Brittney

Laughing Jack

Ticci-Toby, SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY and Jeff the killer

as Hoodie/Brain



Stormchaser and Homicidal liu


Sentinel SWAT and Slenderman

Creepypasta hunter


Slender doll Ally

Candy Pop

Candy Cane


Jane the Killer

Alan Dampsy

Weeping Widow


Mr Smiley(She a Girl)

BEN Drowned


Originally It was going to Be Called Pastaville But sounded too Much like Italian Place

It TV-14 somewhat TV-PG One Episode was TV-MA

It Has A Lot Blood in it

Semyazza Is Fallen Angel In Christian and Jewish Traditions