aka Sade

  • I live in Inkster,MI
  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is Drawing And Go animating
  • I am Female
  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Well Guys Is offical... I'M MAKING MY OWN WEBCOMIC CALLED SACREDSTUCK! so... I Might Need Some Help Like I Need some People to draw Them In Homestuck style or Any Other Style So If Want to see it I'll give You then link But...... It only 2 Pages of it...

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Well I'm about to become an go to a College For Animation soon After that I will Go to Some place for Animation But Where I'm Thinking you know Cartoon Network(If it still there) but Tell Me Which Place should I do for Animation?

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Gilbert Baker the Guy Who made The Rainbow Flag for LGBT Died 1 day ago He was only 56.

    Please no Joke About about this Please.

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Today is my Birthday.

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    I'm going make these Pictures called Twisted Sacred Heroes Based Off of jeftoon01's Twisted Disney Princesses and my friend PogorikiFan10's Twisted Mixels Cause I really want to do it with the stories in it Like first I'll do The Girls than The Boys (Here List of the Sacred Hero(But if you want your Sacred Hero in there Just Tell me) ): 

    Sacred Doll 

    Sacred Fire

    Sacred Heart

    Sacred Water

    Sacred Lighting

    Sacred Crystal Dream Moon

    Sacred Earth

    Sacred Wind

    Sacred Light

    Sacred Dark

    Sacred Time


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