• Chrome is a sarcastic robot built by an Aperture Science bootleg named Paradox Science which sucks at doing things right. After an incident in 1973 (oh look, the edgy arc number™©®, how significant that is to the deeply intricated Proelium lore, especially when it's mentioned 73,000 fucking times! fuck) a sentient lemon murdered everyone, he was shot into outer fucking space because that's the most effective way to deal with something you've made when something bad happens. In space he enters another dimension and gains dark godmod powers and suddenly he's sentient! Then he casually strolls back to Earth. I don't even know why I keep this backstory to be honest. Probably because everything I make sucks.
  • Nova is a floating midget who's an actual fucking god! His main purpose is to be edgy and torment Chrome for the dumbest reason: he wields the same sword that was used to kill his girlfriend from like a million years ago. Anyways, he's desparately being a shitlord to try and get his girlfriend undeadened even though that literally can't happen. What's his ultimate plan? To steal Chrome's sword, become a better god and then explode everything with a giant space bomb on a specific time! What a convoluted and stupid plan! this is why i cancelled csoc /s
  • Galaxia is a genie who floats around helping people for absolutely no reason at all! She was slightly based off of a character made by some random person on DeviantArt that involved hyper-realistic blood, godmodding powers and TOP-TIER EDGINESS™ but somehow Galaxia doesn't carry over any of that because CSoC was a mistake that should have been cancelled before the first episode was written! She lives in a floating blue sphere because that totally makes sense

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