Is a Upcoming Series About about a Humanoid Hedgehog in Year 20XX In a AU Where Humanoid Animals Are Born... and There a Rule About a Unhumans and Humans Should Not Be Together Like as Friend or Lover But there is One Unhuman Hedgehog and Human Boy Who Breaks the Rules




Furry Fox

Furry Cat

Furry Dog

Furry Bunny


Unhumans Hunters Teams


Connor Robinson / Warrior X

UHT Diver

UHT Scientist

UHT Soldier

UHT Mercenary Soldier

UHT Police Officer/Security Guard/Prison Guard

UHT Hazmat Soldier

UHT Anti - Choco Demon Armor Exo Suit Soldier

UHT Exo Suit Soldier

UHT Arctic Soldier

UHT Agent

UHT Fire Fighters Man

UHT Armor Suit Soldier

UHT Vampire Hunter Soldier

UHT Pilot

UHT Special Ops Soldier

UHT Werewolf Hunter Soldier

UHT Monster Hunter Soldier

UHT Jet Pack Soldier

UHT Demon Hunter Soldier

UHT Commando Soldier

UHT Recon Soldier

UHT Anti Creepypasta Soldier

Korean Pyro

Milla Karamov   

Colonel Tyrone   

Michael Sitkorski   



Eda Kunsis

Sgt. Rocker