Trivance Coat and Scarf

Robots don't forget, my man.

Trivance is a character created by .mynameischrome. sometime in 2011-2012. Trivance is a robot created by Paradox Science in the 1950s who gained sentience after being launched into space as a last resort and becoming infused with dark matter. He is a scientist and inventor, who owns many technological devices of his own creation.

He is the main protagonist of The Paradigm, an episodic story created by .mynameischrome..


The Paradigm


In most of his appearances, Trivance appears as a gray robot with a circular head, an oval-shaped torso and black arms and legs. He has two horns on the top of his head which function as his ears. His left horn is partially broken. On the front center of his torso is a blue glass oval that can open to reveal a storage compartment. He has black vertical lines for eyes, a black mouth and black eyebrows. He has four fingers on each hand, and his feet resemble black shoes.


Trivance is careless about some things, and displays little to no regard for his own life. Despite this, he shows concern for the world he lives in and tries to help people when they need help.

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