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The TGB1 Show is a show that was made by TGB1 in 2017. It aired on February 24th, 2017 on Laugh BOX TV.


TGB1 is outcast who tries to make it through his daily life with his friends, Insecurity, Sophie the Otter and Chrome. They are always up for adventures and cope with everyday situations.



  • TGB1 (Voiced by Josh Peck): TGB1 is a lonely, rage-infused and rather unlucky hypocrite. He thinks very low of himself, and often tries to strengthen the bond between himself and his friends. Usually to no avail.
  • Insecurity (Voiced by ):
  • Sophie (Voiced by Jenell Slack-Wilson ): Sophie is a female teenage otter who is the voice of reason. She always hopes for TGB1 to be more positive. However, she can be overemotional at times, but is nevertheless kind-hearted.
  • Chrome (Voiced by ):


  • Lemon (Voiced by Jon Jafari): A weaboo who memes.
  • James (Voiced by ):
  • Igor (Voiced by ):
  • Pingy (Voiced by ): Igor's "Best Friend" who obsesses over Super Mario.


See The TGB1 Show/Episodes

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