Oh boy! A new episode of Comedy World!
— The Narrator
The Narrator is a character in Comedy World. As his name implies, he narrates the show at certain points. He also makes physical appearances in the live action sequences of the double length episodes alongside Jacob the Dog. He is voiced and portrayed by Dee Bradley Baker.


The Narrator is a middle-aged man who works at Chatterbox Productions. He is known to be on the look out for new episodes of Comedy World. While he may be enthusiastic at times, he is usually selfish and arrogant. His egotistical personality leads to him receiving a streak of bad luck. He seems to have somewhat of a frenemy relationship with his pet dog, Jacob, but in the end, Jacob always gets the last laugh.

Outside of double-length episodes, he hardly makes any physical appearances. In the beginning or ending of an episode, he lives up to his name since he can occasionally be heard describing the events.


The Narrator is usually seen wearing his work attire: a dark red polo shirt, blue stonewashed jeans, and white tennis shoes.


  • In his first few appearances, The Narrator was a lot more sarcastic and snide.
  • As mentioned in Shaggy Dog Story, The Narrator lives in his mother's basement.