​The Jokesters ​is a cartoon created by Big Green Productions. The show is broadcasted on Pinch TV and Telemundo in the US, BBC in the UK, TV Tokyo in Japan, Nickelodeon in Portugal, and HRT 2 in Croatia. The show has 5 minute episodes and revolves around mischevious and eccentric clowns.


NOTE: If you want your OC added, let me know in the comments. Also, tell me if your OC will be a clown in this series or an audience member.

  • Jerry: ​An 8-year old clown who loves to run and participate in sports. He sometimes cheats in games such as pushing the goalie down and throwing the ball into the goal during soccer.
  • ​Roger: ​A 12-year old clown who is light-headed and a simpleton. He doesn't know how circuses work and can only talk in gibberish. Everybody understands him regardless.
  • Dave: ​A 10-year old clown who is too lazy to perform at the circus. He likes to sit on his couch and watch TV all day.
  • ​Kyle: ​A 6-year old clown who is very fast and often gets things done in 10 seconds. He is the youngest clown of them all. In the 2nd season, he could get things done in 1 second and also likes to take over for Lib.
  • ​Lib: ​The ringmaster of the circus. He is 45 years old and also makes sure the clowns are doing what's right.


  • Spanish: Los Bromistas (The Pranksters)
  • Japanese: テレビサーカス (TV Circus)
  • Portuguese: Os Palhaços (The Clowns)
  • Croatian: Klaunovi (Clowns)

TBA. Let me know if you want to work on this in the comments.

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