The Forsaken Villains are a group of Shinyuu, (or "Sacred Heroes) a race powerful humanoids who protect the planet and live there own sub dimension. after causing a revolt against their oppressive overlords, were sealed within pyramids, thousands of years after they were sealed they were eventually released unintentionally by explorers, now they seek revenge against the remaining Shinyuu, they took the name "Forsaken Villains" as an ironic gesture.


Edgelord69 Sacred Death

a male corpse like Shinyuu with the ability to caused anything he touches to start to decay TBA

Waifu Sacred Forest

a female green Shinyuu with the ability to control natural constructs TBA

Sacred Metamorphosis

a machine like Shinyuu with the ability to replicate any man made construct and constantly upgrade itself TBA

Sacred Potato

a female Shinyuu, nobody knows why she exists or what her ability is, she just exists. and has the power of potatoes. TBA



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