The Comedy World Movie Game is a 2003 video game that is loosely based on The Comedy World Movie. It was released for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles on September 16, 2003.


The game has 11 levels; 7 of which are platformers, with many side challenges such as the Beat-em-Up challenge. The remaining 4 are boss levels. You can play as PC Guy, Eric or Dallas. You can switch between characters at the Bus Stops located in each level.


  1. Lakeside City - PC Guy must escape Lakeside City, while avoiding Walker's security units.
  2. The Desert - Eric must find his way to the rest stop.
  3. The Farm - Boss: Dallas must defeat The Angry Farmer.
  4. The Forest - Dallas must find his way out of the forest, while avoiding various animals.
  5. The Shady City - PC Guy has to traverse the city while avoiding the city's inhabits.
  6. Doris' House - Boss: Eric must defeat Doris.
  7. The Biker Bar - Dallas must defeat all of the bikers.
  8. The Junkyard - Eric has to reach the end of the junkyard.
  9. The Highway - Boss: PC Guy must defeat The Hitman.
  10. Walkerville - PC Guy must find his way through what was once Lakeside City.
  11. City Limits - Boss: PC Guy must defeat Principal Walker and Carver Brutus.


  1. Beat-em-Up Challenge - Dallas fights waves of enemies.
  2. Floating Block Challenge - Eric jumps across a series of floating blocks.
  3. Obstacle Challenge - PC Guy traverses an obstacle course.