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Insecurity and TGB1

This time, it's not a Comedy World.
— The movie's tagline.

The Comedy World Movie is a 2003 animated buddy road film that is based on the popular animated television series, Comedy World. It is rated PG-13 for dark humor and thematic elements throughout. It was released theatrically in the United States on June 27, 2003. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing $375 million worldwide, and received generally positive reviews from critics. There were several tie-in promotions to advertise the film's release, including promotions from 7-Eleven and McDonald's.


When the Lucky 9 hears about a statue that is supposed to represent Lakeside City, they decide to buy fireworks in order to use them at the presentation. But when everything goes awry and the monument gets demolished, they receive a rude awakening from Principal Walker.


The movie opens up in prehistoric times, where an ancestor of PC Guy has just invented the wheel. An ancestor of Principal Walker, jealous of the PC Guy ancestor's success, declares war against him. The Narrator says that we've just witnessed the origin of the Pearson/Walker rivalry.

In the present, PC Guy is watching TV, when Walker jumps out of it and whacks PC Guy with a ruler. This was revealed to be a dream, as Oscar wakes PC Guy up. PC Guy and Eric go through their morning routines and then phone the rest of The Lucky 9.

The 9 decides they should celebrate their anniversary somehow. They then find a flyer that states a statue that will represent Lakeside City will be unveiled that night. Kimberly says they should make the unveiling extra special by launching fireworks. They go to the firework store, and Eric foolishly buys remote controlled ones (they were 3 cents cheaper).

That night, The 9 is preparing to launch the fireworks. Everyone in Lakeside City arrive to view the statue unveiling ceremony. When the statue is revealed to be of nobody but Principal Walker, Eric drops the remote and breaks it. The fireworks launch, and fly straight into the Walker statue, smashing it to smithereens. The crowd turns their attention to The 9.

Walker orders The 9 killed, and the crowd chases them. The 9 splits up to buy time. Dallas and Constantinos hide in an alley, but get chased out by a bulldog. Kimberly and Stanley hide in a fountain, and they get caught by a scuba diver. David and Joey jump off of a bed and into a tree, and get mistaken for monkeys. PC Guy phones everyone to meet at the Maldanado house.

In the panic room of the Maldanado house., PC Guy takes roll call, and is horrified when he discovers Eric is absent, but Eric was just at the fridge eating all the food. PC Guy decides that they need to escape Lakeside City as soon as possible. The 9 packs what they can and carjacks Old Man Esmond's minivan that he spent his retirement funds on, but escaping won't be so easy, as Walker has set a bounty of $250,000 on The 9 to have them killed, and hires a group of hitmen to murder the gang in cold blood.

After an epic car chase through Lakeside City, The 9 finally loses the group of hitmen by driving across a drawbridge that is opening for The World's Slowest Tugboat Parade. The most trusted and experienced hitman takes this as a challenge, and successfully drives their car through the canal. Meanwhile, Walker constructs a wall around the city...

The next day, The 9's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, there is a service station nearby. When they enter the main building, they find it deserted, though there is a coupon for a nearby restaurant on the floor. The group fights over who gets it, until Eric realizes that the coupon had expired in 1678, and the restaurant had closed soon after.

Suddenly, Sebastian spots a van outside, but it's only a mirage. Then, The 9 sees an abandoned camper-van that they decide to sleep in for the night, but little do they know that they are trespassing on private property. Back in Lakeside, Walker has named himself Rule of Lakeside, which he has renamed Walkerville. Various buildings are being demolished to make way for nuclear power plants, and Paul is has to close his pizza shop.


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