TGB1's Super Awesome Show or Something is a show made by TGB1. It premiered in July 2017, on The TGB1 Channel.


TGB1 and his friends go on many "super awesome" adventures.


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Main Protagonists

  • TGB1 (voiced by Josh Peck) - A sarcastic and rather unlucky person. TGB1 may seem tough on the outside, but when placed in a dire situation, he will panic. He often tries to strengthen the bond between his friends.
  • Insecurity (voiced by Andrew Rannells) - A relaxed person who, despite this, usually lives up to his name. He is TGB1's closest ally, and also the creator of the world-renowned show, Comedy World.
  • Sophie (voiced by Jenell-Slack Wilson) - An emotional, delusional person who believes she is a teenage otter. While her emotional moments tend to piss off her friends, she can still be counted on.
  • Chrome (voiced by Jack DeSena) - A self-deprecating robot who seemingly has no good qualities. Chrome is the "Negative Nancy" of show, and often expects the worst possible outcome of things.
  • Lemon - (Voiced by Eric Vale) - A depressed and surly person who is a pretty good guy despite his rough edges. He is often unamused by the antics of the other characters.

Minor Protagonists

  • James - A good friend of TGB1, despite the fact that he teases TGB1 sometimes. He is the comedy relief character of the show.
  • Hat - Chrome's friend whos prized possesion is a black top hat.
  • Pixel - An overconfident, sports-obsessed Canadian girl whose antics often get in the way of progress.
  • Sade - Another delusional girl who believes she is a pink hedgehog. She likes to intentionally act like her OCs, which can get on the other's nerves.
  • Jamesphie - A superhero who sometimes helps TGB1 and his friends take down Crocodile Matthews. He was introduced in Season 2.
  • TGB2 - A clone of TGB1 that was created at the end of Season 1.
  • Rachael (Japanlover86) - One of Sophie's friends. She is the most frequently annoyed by Igor's antics, but the others will not hear of it.
  • Boyincharge - A 10 year-old boy whom TGB1 loathes, due to his obsession with the Tamagotchi franchise. He was silently dropped from the show in Season 3.
  • Josh - A pushy and whiny kid who can't run a theme park properly.

Main Antagonists

  • Calvin "Crocodile" Matthews Esquire- A crocodilian looking man who was constantly bullied in school due to his appearance. This made him turn mad, to the point where he tries to kill all who bring up his looks.
  • TSB1 - A serious and lucky person, who is TGB1's cousin. TSB1 may seem like a wimp on the outside, but is quite tough when needed. He, along with the characters listed below are employed by Crocodile Mathews.
  • Security - A panicky person who, despite this, usually lives up to his name. He is TSB1's partner-in-crime.
  • Eihpos - An emotionless, delusional teenage otter who believes she is a human girl. She can't be counted on.
  • Silver - An over-achieving robot who has alot of good qualities. Silver is always positive and expects the best outcome of things.
  • Lime - A confident and calm person who is actually super boring and not that great to spend time with. He seems to be rather dim-witted.

Minor Antagonists

  • Igor - A tyrannical and rather dim-witted Brazilian man who despises TGB1 and his friends for some reason. He rarely poses any real threat to them, however. He claims to own a pet penguin named Pingy.


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