Stupid Officer! is an anime series created by Legend Killer Productions.


  • Kill is the main protagonist of the series. He dresses like a young Colonel Sanders. He hates Officer Nasty and the Nasty Gang with a passion, and loves Tiffany just as much.
  • Officer Nasty is an incredibly skinny man with giant hands who wears a black-and-white striped shirt. He is the leader of the Nasty Gang, & is bisexual, as he goes from hitting on Tiffany to stating that he likes men.
  • Tiffany is a blonde girl who is always wearing a suit. She switches from dating Kill to dating Officer Nasty, primarily based on whoever won their last fight.
  • JTOG (??? The Original Gangsta) is a member of the Nasty Gang. He is best friends with Shat Gasfart.
  • Shat Gasfart is a member of the Nasty Gang. He is best friends with JTOG.


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