"Number of stories: Infinity." - The show's tagline.

Sophie's Variety Theater is a variety television series created by PB&Jotterisnumber1. It will premiere on Orange Otter Network on August 2017. Each episode lasts one hour long, counting commercial breaks on television and several web advertisements online (unless the viewer is logged in and has premium membership).


In the pilot episode, Sophie the Otter finds an old abandoned theater while on a stroll. She figured the place could use a revival. Upon entrance, she calls over her friends to help rebuild and refurbish the stage together. After completion, Sophie and the gang put on a variety show consisting of 10-minute sketches and interesting acts set to a different theme (such as western, mystery, or sci-fi) each episode.


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  • Sophie the Otter: The main character of the show. She is a teenage otter who helped "reopen" the theater.
  • Sonic South: A 25-year old who owned the theater before its abandonment and still goes to it.
  • Sade: A cyber-goth furry who enjoys the Care Bears.
  • Sacred Doll: A half-human, half doll who is able to turn into a squirrel.
  • Peanut, Baby Butter, and Jelly Otter: Sophie's cousins who originally appeared on the 1998 Playhouse Disney cartoon PB&J Otter. They are generally Sophie's stage helpers. At the end of each episode, they cover a song from the 1950s-80s.
  • Haru Doi: A weeaboo who is constantly hanging out in the theater, but likes more than just anime.
  • TGB1: A self-loathing teenager who performs at the theater. Whenever he is asked why he performs, he simply retorts by saying, "Because why not?".
  • Lemon: Some guy who is just there to make fun of everything and give exposition. This sometimes annoys Sophie.
  • Yuki Mizushima: A video gamer who obsesses about Super Mario Bros.
  • Polar: A blue Robloxian who just wants to have a lead part. However, halfway in the second season, Polar receives his first lead part, much to his delight.
  • Christian: A 13-year old boy who is kind-hearted. He always hopes for the best and finds the quickest way to solve a problem.


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  • This series was inspired by The Mickey Mouse Club (the variety genre, the format, and the theme song) and Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater (the usage of parodies and the theater setting).

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