Social Construct is a song by Gorge Jihad.


  • You go to Tumblr, you cry a lot
  • You'll force your opinions at any cost
  • You have your own reality
  • Genderfluidity
  • You spend your life just kissing amse
  • A trait that's grown as time has passed
  • You think you're just oppressed as gays
  • "respect my pronouns" is all you say
  • "non binary", listen to you scream
  • You think you'll be a hero
  • while getting oppressed by memes
  • For all respect you cannot lust
  • In a third gender, if you really must
  • mental disability
  • Eternal edge at amsety
  • I will decide who lives and dies
  • Depopulate Donald's rise
  • You will be a forgotten dream
  • Illogically how you think it seems
  • [LEAD: Gorge]
  • "Non binary", I will slay
  • Your will to live expired now
  • It seems you're now insane
  • [LEAD: Jerry]
  • "Non binary", no words of mine
  • the memes will rise once again to
  • exterminate you swine

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