Is a Upcoming Fall 2017 Show About a Sacred Hero name Sacred Doll Who Go to a University Which isn't Like A Normal University Is A Magical University Where They Have Fun Together.


1- My First Year In this University

2- Well I hope this 2nd Year go Good.

3- COME ON 4th Year!

4- I DID IT!


Note: if you want you Your Sacred Sacred Hero Oc In it I'll do it but add what type of student are they.

Sacred Doll(Annabel Lee)- A Small Town Girl With A Big Dream

Sacred Fire(Jennifer)-The Hot Head who get Mad at stuff

Sacred Hear(Annabelsa)-The Flirty Girlfriend Of the Emo/Gothic one

Sacred Wate(Airavata)- The student who wanted to be Summer 

Sacred Lighting(Brandi)- a Nerd 

Sacred Crystal Dream Moon(Kendra)- A Otaku Student 

Sacred Earth(Rick)- A Hippie

Sacred Wind(Dakota)-Same As Earth

Sacred Light(Brian)- Same as Lighting 

Sacred Dark(Ashlan)-The Emo or Gothic one 

Rainbow- A Creativity Student


Sacred Doll(Annabel Lee) Is From a Small Town Based Off The Creator Home town (Sade Connally)

Is Has the Some Dark Moments in this Show.