Rock Against Igoism is a song by Gorge Jihad.

Lyrics (I'm trolling: This is a joke)

  • Have you seen the news today? Another block attack it said
  • A man walked in the wrong wiki with a manipulation in his head
  • Humiliated himself up for his safe space and left many retarded kids unshocked
  • Igoist fundamentalists, what's with their tiny cocks?
  • The ideas of their PC claims:
  • An example of the way they want to bring our freedom down
  • They took their victimized war to Dank Meme soil,
  • Igoism is now banned because it's our wiki getting spoiled


  • Number one thread nowadays,
  • With their opinions so vile and dumb
  • We won't yield for it's twisted ways
  • Or for the scumbags that it's coming from...
  • Rock against Igoism
  • I get so sick of all those OCs, those silly (ralf) hats they wear,
  • Can't stand their stupid Weeb language, I hate their virgin neck beard
  • They've got a poor lifestyle, different beliefs they believe are facts
  • I don't approve with their beliefs and I won't follow their tracks


  • Another thing I can't understand, another thing that really bothers me:
  • They all love lolicon and don't know it's pedophillia, you see
  • They harass other women, and claim they're lies to keep their reputation
  • And this is the man that Igoists hail, they're sick and that is done


  • Rock against Igoism
  • Rock against Igoism
  • Rock against Igoism
  • Rock against Igoism

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