RaGE Tokyo are a Japanese video game developer and publisher that was founded in 1985. As of 2016, RaGE Tokyo has made over 50 games over 30 plus years. They are owned by RaGE Media Group, a successful media tycoon that has video game studios and animation studios in America and Europe.

Games developed


Game Year MS-DOS Apple NES PC-98
Tokyo Warriors 1986 Template:Ya Template:Na Template:Ya Template:Ya
Ghouls of the Streets 1988 Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Na Template:Ya


Game Year MS-DOS Apple Genesis PC-98 SNES Gameboy Game Gear
Cyber Tokyo 2066 1990 Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya N/A Template:Na Template:Na
Formula 1: 1991 1991 Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Na Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Na Template:Na
Formula 1: 1992 1992 Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Na Template:Ya


Game Year DOS PC Apple Saturn Dreamcast Playstation N64 Gameboy Color
Envision MMO 1997 Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Ya Template:Na N/A Template:Ya Template:Na N/A


Formula Team D


Team Envision

Team Envision is a Japanese developer under contract by RaGE Tokyo to oversee the development of future patches and updates for Envision MMO. They had a second team, named Envision X, dealing with Linux, and with supporting last generation consoles. It lasted from 1998 until 2013.

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