These are the episodes for Proelium Dimension Force anyone in the show can add episodes.

Season No. Ep count Air date DVD release
1 25 July 21 2016-January 17 2017 July 21 2017

Season 1

# Name Description Air date Writer(s)
1 United Part 1 TBA
2 United Part 2 TBA
3 Duel While the force is investigating a series of unsolved murders in the countryside, Kool is stalked by an infamous assassin, and is lead into a forest, alone, now he must fight for his life against an assassin who is nearly impossible for the naked eye to see.
5 Anger Management While on vacation in NYC, the force encounters TGB1, a person with the ability to manipulate fire, which grows stronger as he grows angrier. However, TGB1 seems to be angry all the time. The force tries to help TGB1 with this, but only seem to make his anger worse.
9 The Conductor of Death Criminals are being captured and tortured, however, the force isn't doing this, instead a man with the ability to control electricity (nicknamed Lemon) has been doing this, when Chrome approaches him Lemon says he disagrees with the Force's methods of dealing with criminals, no the force must stop Lemon from torturing and possibly killing more criminals.
15 Restaurant Ruckus In order to make more money, TGB1 opens a restaurant called TGB1 Burger. But he soon has to devote more time to the restaurant than he does the force.
18 The Conductor of Death Part 1 After being called to an area which was reportedly over run with members of the Travonz crime syndicate the force goes to the area only to find out that a man named Galvon has beaten them there, and has defeated a large quantity of criminals, after seeing the force the remaining criminals escape while Galvon is distracted, the force starts chasing the criminals, but Galvon however does not want them to interfere, and so a fight ensues.
19 The Conductor of Death Part 2 TBA
21 Baraksih Rising Part 1 several villains who the force has battled before strangely disappear without a trace, the force is later ambushed by the missing villains, it is revealed that they are under the control of a demon named Baraksih who wishes to find an artefact which will allow him to create an army of loyal demon servants, but before he can do that, he must kill the force.

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