Proelium Dimension Force is a 2016 American animated series. It is part of the Proelium Dimension continuity and features elements from previous series. The series follow the adventures of the titular Proelium Dimension Force as they fight crime and grow as people.




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Proelium Dimension Force

  • Trivance: (First appearance: Episode 1) A robot and the leader of the group, TBA
  • Sophie B. Otter: (First appearance: Episode 1) An anthropomorphic, intelligent otter who is second-in-command.
  • Insecurity: TBA
  • TGB1: (First appearance: Episode 5) A person with the ability to manipulate fire. TGB1 has been prone to mood swings ever since middle school, when he let himself get bullied. Despite his quick tempered and overall foul nature, he is an experienced fighter, which makes him a valued team player.
  • Galvon: (First appearance: Episode 8) An 18 year old man with the ability to control electricity. Galvon pursued a life of vigilantism after his best friend was killed by an unknown assailant. He is one of the more intelligent members of the group. However, he often taunts and mocks his enemies, which can lead to more dangerous situations. His weapon of choice is a metal staff, he often combines his electric and staff attacks.

Supporting characters

  • James: The brooding and serious leader of The Rising, a team dedicated to protecting the normal people of GoCity. He has vampiric traits that render him quite attractive. He possesses unbelieveable martial arts skills, and is able to incapacitate almost any opponent.


Main antagonists

  • Travonz: A sociopathic and calculating crime boss who is the primary antagonist of the first season,. He is the most intelligent character in the series, and posses the ability to accurately predict his opponent's next move. He is seemingly killed at the end of the first season. However, at the end of Season 2, it is revealed that he survived (though without half of his limbs), and he later discovers three sealed demon generals and their dead leader. After translating the heart of the dead demon lord (demon hearts contain their essence), he takes on the traits of the demon lord, unseals the generals and becomes the main antagonist of season 3.
  • The Travonz Crime Syndicate: Travis' crime syndicate consisting of skilled scientists and martial artists.
  • Barakshi: A demonic being whose main goal is to find an artifact which allows him to summon an army which is completely loyal to him. He goes about achieving this by forming a group consisting of previous villains who were beaten by the force. He is later killed when he is sent into the earth core. It is later revealed that Barakshi was part of a whole species of demon like creatures and he was nothing more than a royal guard who was in way over his head.

Recurring antagonists

  • Chimerus: A artificial lifeform who is made up of the DNA of several insects and was experimented on for many years. Chimerus believes in insect superiority and wishes to exterminate all other lifeforms. He is extremely intelligent and cunning.
  • Zanjin: A hitman. Zanjin was hired by Travonz to kill the force. He now has a vendetta against them for severely injuring him. He is extremely crude and selfish, often cracking jokes during fights. He cares little for anyone besides himself.
  • Kazara: A thief who is obsessed with rare artifacts. Kazara uses psychological manipulation and her looks to get her way. She also has the ability to control the wind. She often acts innocent, but in reality she is vulgar and informal.
  • Crocodile Jones: A dealer of illegal weapons who was formerly affiliated with Travonz. He has many fused weapons at his disposal, and he also has the ability to give someone frightening hallucinations by touching their nose with his pointer & middle fingers.


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