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IA, Chrome, Sophie, TGB1, KK

Proelium Dimension Force: The Video Game is a 2017 open world action platforming video game released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Neo Sphinx, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch, the game is based on the Proelium Dimension Force franchise, and is mainly based on the 2016 reboot the game centres around the force traveling across the world to prevent the villainous demon Niosron from obtaining the 10 Daggers of Zeostion, and exterminating the human race, the game was released on November 12 2017.


While on patrol the PDF spot cult patricipating in strange activities, they disguise themselves as cult members, and discover that the cult worships a statue, they assume that nothing dangerous is going on, so they go on their way. after they exit the building they hear screams coming from it, they look through the windows and realise that nearly every cult member is gone besides 9 of them, the statues then breaks, and a demonic being emerges from it, he then speaks to the other members about collecting the 10 Daggers of Zeostion to annihilate the human race, the force is shocked, they do some research and find out where the daggers are located, now they must find the daggers before the demons do.

Plot synopsis



The game is a 3D action platformer, the player can play as Chrome, Sophie, King Kool, TGB1, Lemon, and even James (after the game is beaten), the player can switch between characters at save points.

Each character can walk, jump, and punch, they have a light punch and a heavy punch, each character has their own combos, which can be unlocked by leveling up.

Each character also has several special moves, these can be activated by filling up their energy meter (which can be filled up by killing enemies) each character starts off with one special move, but they can purchase more through the moves shop, the more powerful a move is, the more energy is required to activate it

The game is divided into 10 worlds, each with 3 levels, (besides the 10th world which has 4) bringing the total level count to 31, at the end of each world the player must fight one of the demons, in between levels the player may explore Proelecity, where they can purchase upgrades, and do sidequests, there are 50 side quests in the game.