When I got drafted into the Vietnam War, I faked my death during training! It was a great plan, I tell ya.
— Principal Walker
Gaylord Kenneth Walker, better known as Principal Walker, is a supporting character, and the secondary antagonist in Comedy World. He is the husband of Diane Walker, and the corrupt principal of Lakeside City School. He strongly dislikes almost every student; the only student he genuinely cares for is Carver Brutus.

He is voiced by Mike Pollock.


Principal Walker is a sadistic principal who is known to have a short temper, and is also known for abusing his authority as a principal. The only things he admires more than punishing students unfairly are the following: food, Carver, and Mrs. White.


  • He is known for ruining school banquets with his compulsive eating.
  • He has 3 disobedient children (Aloysius, Emile and Chip).
  • He also owns a pet cat named Whiskers.
  • At some point in his life, Principal Walker was enrolled in the U.S. Navy with Mr. Crawford.
  • In the first season, Walker was more of an oblivious principal, and less of a psychopath. However, starting from season 2, this personality trait completely changed.