Pilot is episode 0 of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on February 28, 1998.


PC Guy and Eric go through their first day of school as we are introduced to Lakeside City and its inhabits.


Sebastian and Mrs. White also appear, but are silent.


  • This is the very first episode of the series.
  • There are some aspects to this episode and the rest of season 1 that have completely changed later on in the series:
    • PC Guy is a lot more sarcastic and has some characteristics of a sociopath. This is especially noticeable in Pranks for Nothing. His voice is also slightly deeper.
    • Principal Walker was less of a corrupt and psychotic character, and was more of an oblivious principal.
    • Stanley is not as greedy as he would be in future segments.
  • This episode was scheduled to air around fall 1997, but was pushed to late February 1998 due to undisclosed production issues.
  • Unlike any normal episode, the duration for this segment is at least 15 minutes long.


[The intro is replaced with the show's logo in the sky. We then go downward to a city in New Hampshire.]

The Narrator: [as he speaks, we pan though several streets, parks and allies] Welcome to Lakeside City. An exciting place, where life is never boring. Adventure awaits around every nook, every cranny and every corner.

[The camera zooms in to a nice-looking house in the suburbs. The camera cuts to the living room of the house. A teen wearing a suit and tie is reading a Playboy-like magazine]

The Narrator: Of course, every city needs a hero.

PC Guy: [he recognizes the viewers] AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! [he stashes the magazine underneath the couch cushion] Why didn't you tell me we were shooting the episode now?!

The Narrator: Sorry, I must've forgotten to give you the memo!

PC Guy: Ugh, whatever. Anyways, hello and welcome to our house. My name is PC Guy. Well, that's my nickname anyway. (whispers) My real name is Edward, but please don't call me that.

The Narrator: Alright, Edward! (laughs)

PC Guy: That's it! (punches the camera over, briefly showing the studio before it cuts to static.)

(Please Stand By title card is shown)

(Cuts to a boy in a red hoodie playing basketball. The camera zooms to a back view of the boy)

The Narrator: Just like any other television show, a protagonist will need a sidekick. It doesn't matter if the sidekick is dumb or smart - sidekicks are here to help. [the camera continues zooming in] Okay, you can stop zooming in now. [the camera zooms in closer] Wait a minute! Stop! STOP!!! [The camera hits the kid's back]

Eric: OUCH!

The Narrator: Sorry!