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Mario and Sonic: Amazing Adventures will be a Mario and Sonic series outside the Olympic series to be aired on ITV. In this series, Mario and Sonic must put their differences aside in order to find their friends and defeat an evil warrior from the planet Evil, whom is hell bent on destroying their world.

Main Characters

  • Mario (voiced by Walker Boone)
  • Luigi (voiced by Julian Bardakoff)
  • Peach (voiced by Tracey Moore)
  • Daisy (voiced by Deanna Mustard)
  • Rosetta (voiced by Mercedes Rose)
  • Sonic (voiced by Jaleel White)
  • Tails (voiced by Amy Palant)
  • Knuckles (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Amy (voiced by Lisa Ortiz)

Recurring characters

  • Wario (voiced by Thomas Spindler (Season 1), Charles Martinet (Season 2-present))
  • Waluigi (voiced by Charles Martinet)
  • Wapeach (voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Wadaisy (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • Toad (voiced by Issac Marshall)
  • Toadette (voiced by Samantha Kelly)
  • Yoshi (voiced by Andrew Sabiston)
  • Birdo (voiced by Jen Taylor)
  • Sticks (voiced by Nika Futterman)
  • Blaze (voiced by Erica Schroeder)
  • Cream (voiced by Rebecca Honig)
  • Silver (voiced by Pete Capella)
  • Vector (voiced by James Carter Cathcart)
  • Charmy (voiced by Amy Birnbaum)
  • Espio (voiced by David Wills)


  • Bowser (voiced by Harvey Atkin)
  • Dr. Robotnik (voiced by Mike Pollock)


Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Adventure Begins: Daisy and Rosetta take Peach for some fresh air to help her cope with the loss of her husband (Ula Ula Akala).
  • Episode 2: Waru Waru: Wario and Waluigi get scared when they find out that Wapeach and Wadaisy are arriving in town.
  • Episode 3: A Bad Day for Tails: To the dismay of Peach, Daisy, Rosetta, Amy, Sticks and Blaze, Tails' new invention accidentally causes a rift between Mario and Sonic.
  • Episode 4: Sonamy: With Mario struggling to come to see eye to eye with his friends, will Sonic finally admit to Amy that he loves her?
  • Episode 5: Oh KnuckleSticks: Knuckles and Sticks are forced to work as a team, after they accidentally cause a rift between the Mario Brothers. 
  • Episode 6: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 7: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 8: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 9: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 10: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 11: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 12: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 13: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 14: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 15: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 16: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 17: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 18: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 19: TBA: TBA
  • Episode 20: TBA: TBA

Season 2

  • TBA


Pictures will be added at a later date.

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