Lucid Dreams is a comic series made by scratch user 7494pinguisback20 (Twitter : @7494pingutweet). It is based off of DHMIS, as it uses cute, bright colors at times, only to go downhill to hell as you read the panels.

Comics (So far)

  • Lucid Dreams - The first comic in the series. This installment has the subject of dreams.
  • Lucid Dreams 2 - The second installment in the series, this time tackling the topic of video games.
  • Lucid Dreams 3 - The third comic in the series, which focuses on nature.
  • Lucid Dreams 4 - An upcoming installment in the series. It is confirmed to use the subject of the universe.
  • Lucid Dreams 5 - An upcoming installment in the series.
  • Lucid Dreams 6 - The finale of the series.


Main characters

  • Sunnie - A good-natured flower of beauty who is the youngest of the trio.
  • Geckert - A forgetful gecko who is smart, but not that much.
  • Sam - A very mature seal who has the most common sense of the three friends.
  • Mr. Nightmare - The main antagonist of the comic, who tortures the main characters through various lessons.

The teachers

  • Phil - A pillow who teaches the main trio about dreams.
  • Bittey - A gameboy who teaches the main trio about video games.
  • Dave - A dog who tells Sunnie about nature while she's alone.

Minor characters

  • Trevor - The father of sunnie, who is a crooked, leafless tree.
  • Petunia - A butterfly who is one of the teachers from LD3.
  • Lizzo - A lizard who is one of the teachers from LD3.
  • Rick - A bird who is one of the teachers from LD3.
  • Razor - A monster that lurks in a cave, who is the king of the nature animals in LD3.
  • Big-eyed monster - A monster that also lurks in a cave like Razor. He/she can be seen when Sunnie walks into his "Free candy!" trap in LD 2.


  • There is a light-purple plush toy with red sockets on where it's arms used to be in LD2. This is a reference to an old game that 7494pinguisback20 made called "Popper penguin in : A vengeful night". Specifically, a reference to larry, a character in the game.
  • There are several video game references in LD2.
  • In LD2, a sphere with oval eyes and nose has a strong resemblence to Roy from DHMIS.
  • Phillo and greyeen, two characters owned by Waltman13, an artist and YTPer, are referenced in LD2, when the TV switches screens to show what Bittey is talking about.
  • In LD2, Sunnie dresses up as Leni loud, a character from The Loud House. This can be seen when the main trio makes their own games.

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