In Comedy World, there may be some scenes that were cut out or never made it past the storyboard. This page is a list of those scenes.

Scrapped plots/episode titles/air dates or episodes getting banned in other countries also count as a deleted "scene."


  • The scene where PC Guy introduced the school's cliques to the viewer was shorter in the storyboard.

Season 1

Happy Birthday

  • Eric was supposed to find a present at a tool store called Screw This. It never made the final cut, probably because of the innuendo.

Frantic Sensations

  • Originally, when the praying mantis landed on Eric's nose, a close-up of a live-action praying mantis was shown. This scene was edited out before the episode's release.


  • In the storyboard from October 1995, when Eric is first told to mow the lawn, he imagines himself getting chopped up by the lawnmower, this scene was removed due to being inappropriate for young viewers.

Monster Mania

  • In the storyboard from October 1995, the original ending for this episode was Eric opening the fridge, only for Frankenstein to pop out from it and brutally eat him.


  • There was going to be a scene where Eric and PC Guy ride the merry-go-round. This scene was removed to save time.

Season 2

There's So Much to Sea

  • This episode was banned in a couple of countries due to the shark attack being frightening for young audiences.

Eric a la Mode

  • In the storyboard, the scene where Eric falls into the giant sundae was shorter.

Season 3

Prehistoric Eric

  • The episode originally had a different title and was supposed to be about Eric going to the future to see what Lakeside City would be like.
    • Eventually, a later episode, Rip Van Edward, used the concept of time traveling to the future.

One Small Step for Pearson

  • The original title for this episode was "Zero Gravity", according to the original storyboard from June 1999.

School Picnic

  • In the storyboard, PC Guy's fingers were set on fire while he was grilling hamburgers. This was edited because Kids' WB executives feared they would encourage younger audiences to play with fire.

Needle Little Help?

  • When the episode premiered, there was a scene involving Eric falling asleep and having a nightmare about killer doctors giving him shots. This was removed shortly afterward due to being frightening to young viewers.

Dog Trouble

  • In the storyboard, there are 2 scenes that had to be removed for time.
    • The first one is Eric buying clothes for Fang.
    • The second one is PC Guy interviewing Constantinos to see if he would take care of Fang.

Bloom of Youth

  • This episode was supposed to premiere on September 2, 2000. There were even promos for the episode that date back to August in that same year. However, it ended up being delayed several times. It was postponed to November 2000, and then June 2001, and finally to December 2002.

Season 4

The Millennium's a-Comin'

  • At first, Principal Walker said the evidence of the "asteroid" was "damning". Not long after the episode aired, it was changed to "convincing".

To Serve and Protect

  • In the storyboard, Constantinos had a grenade in his hand when he was learning how to set up a decoy.


  • According to some storyboards from early 2002, the original title for this episode was "Sunday Drivers".
  • In early airings, the bus that hit Old Man Esmond was filled with tourists.