Season 1 (1999)

  1. Pilot: As they begin the seventh grade, Bucket Head, Pants, and Chuck get involved in numerous situations. Pants gets drunk from Mr. Henry's alcohol, while Bucket Head prepares to fight John, the school's most popular kid. (Airdate: 6/5/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLV)
  2. Dungeons and Douches: Fearing their children would most likely watch television and play video games rather than communicate physically, the staff in school forces everyone to join or make a club. While Bucket Head attempts to get into the "Cool Club" with Rachel; Pants and Chuck join a role-playing club which is strangely addicting to the point where they treat role-playing as their life. (Airdate: 6/12/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  3. Psycho Dyke: When Diane comes out as a lesbian, she begins to get harassed and bullied by her peers, including by Bucket Head, who is extremely religious. Diane, surprisingly is recruited by a gang of radical feminist lesbians, who commit crimes on straight males, and "eat the carpets" of other women. (Airdate: 6/19/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  4. Die Hoard: James begins to suffer from a hoarding disorder, after finding a couple boxes of junk he once possessed in his college years. The rest of the family attempt to get him out of this situation. (Airdate: 6/28/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLV)
  5. Escape From Jew York: Pants and Tim go to see their cousins in New York for Pants' bar mitzvah. They however get sent to New Jersey instead, and must find a way out. Chuck and Bucket Head discover a cloning machine in the trashcan. (Airdate: 7/03/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLV)
  6. Piss: (Airdate: 7/10/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLV)
  7. Chuck's Piano: (Airdate: 7/17/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  8. The Cagemaster: (Airdate: 7/24/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  9. The Mayor of Castrationbridge: (Airdate: 7/31/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  10. Suicide Awareness: (Airdate: 8/7/99) (Rating: TV-14-LV)
  11. Law & Fast Food Order: (Airdate: 8/14/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  12. TBA: (Airdate: 8/21/99) (Rating: TV-14-LV)
  13. House Party: (Airdate: 8/28/99) (Rating: TV-14-LV)
  14. Fight For Your Write: (Airdate: 9/4/99) (Rating: TV-14-DL)
  15. Parks & Resurrection: Pants leads a group of Christian fundamentalists into believing that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, resulting in the formation of a cult surrounding him. At first, he takes this as a joke, but later becomes overwhelmed with power to the extreme. Meanwhile, Bucket Head finds himself in Hell. (Airdate: 9/11/99) (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  16. Autism Awareness: The autistic kids in school are tired of getting bullied, so they plan a full terrorist attack. (Airdate: 9/18/99)

Season 2 (2000)

  1. Valentines Day
  2. Meet The Vanderblits
  3. We Got Sued
  4. Mastered Out Of Carolina
  5. Holy Driver
  6. Leprechaun
  7. She Got Game
  8. Kitchen...In The Kitchen
  9. Prank Call From Hell
  10. Bucket Head Commits Genocide

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