Lakeside City (sometimes called "Lakeside") is the main setting in Comedy World. It is a city that is located in the state of New Hampshire. Currently, the population is 228,998, which is a reference to the date the series debuted (Febuary 28, 1998).


Lakeside City is questionable when it comes to its law enforcement and education system, but other than that, it's a city teeming with life. It is filled with both classic and modern buildings and transportation, apartments, and several neighborhoods. The neighborhoods arrange from lower to upper class.


Lakeside City was discovered in 1876. Two Canadians fought over a penny on a piece of land that would become part of Lakeside City. They eventually made copper wire. One of the Canadians died shortly afterwards when the other buried him in a deep pile of snow.


The climate in Lakeside City depends on the season. It varies from warm springs to humid summers to brisk autumns to freezing winters.

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