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Kitchen is an American adult animated sitcom created and developed by Ralf Hat for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It was one of the few televised animated series on FOX at the time, and follows the utterly ridiculous and politically incorrect escapades of a trio of Middle Schoolers, Victor McCoy (Bucket Head), Adolf "Pants" Manson, and Chuck Darren, who all live in the corrupt crime-filled city of Mountain Creek.

First premiering on the channel in June 5, 1999, Kitchen was only originally assumed last for one season, until it was later renewed for the production of more. Like South Park and Family Guy, the series is well known for its politically incorrect humor and deep morals. The offensive satire stirred up controversy in its run. Other than that, Kitchen has had a fair viewership over the years, getting at least 1.0 to 4.0 million American viewers per episode. The show is currently having eighteen seasons, 221 episodes, and plenty of other media. Mostly infamous for its aggressive violence, preposterous vulgar language, sexuality, and offensive humor, Kitchen has been compared to many other adult television series, on which many are inspirations for the concept.

Because of the series censorship, it has been criticized by many positively and negatively. While some acclaim that the series is too offensive for television, others state that the writers should have more freedom on what they write. Because of this, in 2003, a feature film based on the show titled Kitchen: Real & Raunchy was released in theaters with the R rating.

In 2002, Kitchen was cancelled and revived a couple months later on Adult Swim. It is currently running to this day.


The format for the show follows a trio of middle schoolers living in the remote city of Mountain Creek, labeled: "America's Worst Place To Live". Mountain Creek is a crime ridden, poorly authorized town filled with a vast population of ignorant uncultured citizens all ran under by an unfair man-child mayor.

The main characters include three eighth graders: Victor McCoy (Bucket Head) a perverted, shy, and innocent kid, Adolf Manson (Pants), Bucket Head's greedy, hateful, and Jewish crime-loving best friend, and Chuck Darren, a monotonous but highly intelligent kid.




The main characters, including Tim.

  • Bucket Head (Victor McCoy): A 13 year-old perverted and pathetic deeply devoted Christian child, overran with anxiety and paranoia. Bucket Head is the most good-natured and loving of the trio, and Tends to do the "right" thing, but often always hit back unfairly with bad luck. Bucket Head is a poor help and is bullied and often mistreated by his friends overall in few episodes.
  • Pants (Adolf Manson): A 13 year-old orphaned child with a corrupt mind filled with criminally insane ideas. Pants possesses a stereotypical Jewish personality: seen as greedy, self centered, and an utter annoyance to everyone, including his own friends. He is also apart of a infamous gang, the PoiZonZ, tries to be tough, but is actually extremely emotional which he tries to disprove to everyone else.
  • Chuck Darren: A 13 year-old individual and the smartest of the trio. Chuck is a sarcastic "voice of reason" in the group. Chuck is almost always in a deadpan look, and views the world in a half-hearted way. He is also the most intelligent human in the known world, holding an IQ of 359 and capable of engineering nearly impossible inventions to help himself ir his friends.


  • James McCoy: James is a 48 year-old commercial actor, and father to Bucket Head, Corey, and Blake. Unlike most fathers, James is well immature and is "stuck in the 80's" (AKA his favorite decade to live in), always using old 1980s slang words, fashions, etc. James is usually careless of watching what his own family is doing, but however, he still shows remorse about his carelessness usually later on.
  • Nora McCoy: A 40 year-old woman and mother to Bucket Head, Corey, and Blake. Nora is quite respectful and patient, but acts in the opposite manner once driven to insanity usually by her own family. She is deeply mature (unlike her husband) and is willing to make sure her son pick the right choices in life. However, Nora is somewhat of a hypocrite, for she has done many wrong things in the series, including murder, robbery, and more.
  • Rachel White: A 13 year-old girl in the middle school, captain of the school's volleyball team, and Bucket Head's crush. In the first few seasons, Rachel is seen to act selfish and eager to make fun of anyone unpopular. She however changes in the newer seasons to express a more friendlier personality, and begins to acknowledge Bucket Head's existence.
  • Mr. Henry: A 37 year-old Atheist extremist who rants on Reddit daily, and the science teacher for the class. Henry lives a life in poverty, and often drowns his sorrows in alcohol. He also has a very wide open grudge against religion, and often shoves his beliefs down everyone's throats. Pants has a rivalry against Henry, and the two will usually argue with each other.
  • Tim: A gifted 8 year-old with a mind overran with fear and agony. Tim is Pants' half brother and an orphan. He is usually mocked by Pants, who barely shows him respect, though at the same time cares for him. Tim often tries to prove his courage, but fails to do so almost every time.
  • Diane: Diane is a 13 year-old shy blonde girl in school. She's always harassed by many people (most notably Pants) mostly for being lesbian. Diane is very unlucky in the series, and her ideas usually result in her getting injured drastically. She is however more bigoted than Pants, and an actual threat to not only the town, but the world.
  • Corey: Bucket Head's 2 year-old adoptive refugee brother from Iraq. He is actually the son of a terrorist, and is in fact secretly able to speak (however, he only talks to his two brothers and their friends only).  Corey always plans to eradicate Americans with his terrorist goals, but always gets interrupted by his adoptive family. He still however does commit crimes.
  • Mayor Whiteman: The diminutive mayor of Mountain Creek who is a self-centered sexist ignorant man with a lack of morals and care for his own people. Whiteman's ideas always result in either an economic crash or some type of chaotic mishap.
  • Betty: Mayor Whiteman's main receptionist, and unconstitutional gratuitous slave. Betty tends to be a bit sarcastic at points, and is usually depressed and stressed out due to her abusive treatment from the mayor and his family. She secretly works with the U.S government as revealed in the final season.
  • Principal Richard "Dick" Likar:  
  • John J. Johnson: Popular kid in school for a majority of the series. John is a narcissistic kid from New Jersey with stereotypical who wears 60s fashion and beats up kids less fortunate than him. His family is extremely rich, which reasons John's snobbiness for the most part.


  • Eric: The class clown, who's only the class clown due to being John's best friend, thus making him popular amongst the rest. Eric's jokes are either poorly written or stolen from others, and he gets offended once people call him "unfunny" and will usually attack them verbally and physically.
  • Edgy Martinez: Edgy is a school bully. He is a mentally ill kid who believes that he's the coolest in school. He also explains that he has done many things, such as owning weapons or having sex. Like his name states, he's abruptly attempts to act cool. Despite the events he claims, in reality, Edgy is actually a sensitive kid with overprotective and kind parents.
  • Señora Chucha: Profunda Chucha (called Señora) is the school's 18 year-old Spanish teacher who barely acts like a teacher, and more like an attention whore. She is a Mexican prostitute who has a deep past within her family. She constantly talks about her life rather than teaching the kids in school.
  • Mr. Un:
  • Jerry C. Vanderbilt: The 45 year-old next-door neighbor to the McCoys. Jerry is depicted as a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who has an ignorant and hypocritical alt right ideology. he lives with his family, including his adopted asian son, Rob.
  • Rob Vanderbilt:
  • Satan: Satan is a fallen angel appearing in the most of the Abrahamic religions. He is known to bring evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. However, in the Kitchen series, Satan is seen as a diminutive guy who does nothing but annoy the others in the cast.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen:
  • Sheriff Markson:
  • Aden & Alex:
  • Super Sam:
  • Rogers:
  • Carboner:
  • Abby:


  • Mike Pence 2.0: A clone of the 2017 U.S vice president of the same name}}. Pence 2.0 was created by aliens as concept to corrupt the U.S media. However, after failing to eliminate the original Pence, the clone freely escaped the aliens's sight, and currently lives in Mountain Creek. Pence and Mayor Whiteman both act similar compared to each other, but still fight for control over the city.
  • Bricks: Bricks is a 10 year-old elementary schooler and possibly the arch arch-nemesis of the main characters overall. He constantly plans to eradicate all life in the city with his outright foolish plans. Bricks, despite his age is just as annoying and bigoted as his father, Sheriff Markson.
  • Erin The Bitch: Erin is a 14 year-old high schooler who is a transgendered female and the girlfriend of Edgy Martinez (later ex-girlfriend). Erin is an annoying, easily offended individual who claims to have multiple disabilities.
  • Dani Daniels:
  • Benefits Scrounger and Lolilad: Benefits Scrounger is a 30 year-old easily sensitive disabled man, who is a rival superhero to Super Sam. He along with his weeaboo virgin keyboard warrior of a sidekick, Lolilad, attempt to spread world peace by ranting on the internet and using their own opinions on certain topics as facts.
  • Chromey the Chromosome:
  • Lemon Jesus:
  • LOC (League of Celebrities):
  • Rebecca:
  • Sarah:
  • The Emo Kids:
  • Coach Jim:
  • Morkel Jony:


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