Killer is an animated television series created by Risky. The show follows a group of sociopaths who commit murders for each of their own reason. The show is rated TV-MA-V.


  • Esmeralda Sky: A pink haired edgy Hispanic 14-year-old who was bullied in school, abused by her parents, and molested by her priest. Sky enjoys torturing others to death, and is possibly the cruelest of the group. Her main weapon is a machete.
  • Clobber: A silent unrevealed Japanese mass murderer, wanted worldwide for his various crimes. He is an anti-hero, for he only kills those in his way and various other villains. His ideas are usually ruined by Sky, who is Clobber's niece.
  • Glenn Sunny: A 44-year-old deranged serial killer who skins and wears his victims wherever he goes. Despite his handsome looks and happily religious side, Glenn is possibly the most barbaric of the group. His main weapon is a meat hook.
  • Tammi: A 29-year old schizophrenic lady who killed her husband accidentally, mistaking him for an intruder. Tammi has no self control, and can switch between personalities: from being calm and friendly to a complete promiscuous control freak.
  • ButcherBot: A former french cook who committed a massacre at his own restaurant after his business got a B- by a critic. His arms were both lost as a result and replaced with two robotic arms.


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Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date DVD Release Date
Season One 18 2017 January 12, 2017 N/A N/A


  • The series is actually based on real life comics the creator had made during his childhood.
  • The season one theme song is "Pure Hate" by Poison Idea.