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Igoism is an ideology which follows the teachings of Peter I. Luan. Igoism is often associated with those of the far-left, and its followers all seem to have a deep interest in the Japanese culture (most notably anime and manga).

This ideology has often been practiced on many wikis throughout Fandom, however, a large decrease on its follows have emerged to this day.


First introduced in 2015, Luan had recently been involved in situations including the fall of the dictatorship of GoAnimate Nation and merge into the democracy of Creation Wikiland.



Igoists believe that all truth must come from the teachings of Luan, and any other idea against it is ignorant and truly bigoted. Igoists also believe that any idea against Luan's are harassment. Ideas which can often be considered as "Harassment" are the following: Free speech, criticism to Luan or any of his allies, capitalism, and common sense.

Communism and free speech

Luan supports advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. He believes that everyone must accept everything or else be portrayed as "intolerant cyberbullies".

Luan and his followers believe that free speech is only tolerable if it supports Luan's ideas. They believe anything against Luan's words are a form of harassment.

All followers must believe that the United States is a "frail 240-year-old baby". Failing to obey this may result in a public execution.

Social justice

If there is one thing Igoism stands for most, it is social justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. Igoism supports equality to those who support Luan's "truths". and will quite often lean to the left-wing side of politics. Because scientific research and free thinking are considered blasphemy to Luan's beliefs, Igoism believes that a world more tolerant towards false victims is most appropriate.

Groups who oppose Luan's views about lolicon (another form of pedophila), free speech, gender fluidity, other kin, and support science, and other politically contentious matters have said that Igoism is the reason why their perspectives of those matters have been rejected by PC society.


Igoism supports superiority to these groups:

  • Those with Autism (only autism Luan finds acceptable)
  • Far-Liberalism
  • Genderfluids and otherkin
  • Anime watchers (only anime Luan finds decent, which, in other words, is slice-of-life anime)
  • Canadian liberal college students
  • Those who watch CNN

Igoism deems these groups as inferior:

  • Dank memers
  • Conservatives
  • Biologists
  • Jews
  • North Americans