Harassment is a song by Gorge Jihad.


  • Destroy a wiki, we will do
  • Bash a memer, we think it's right
  • Smash oppression with safe space
  • Ruin fun every night


  • Chorus: We are oppressed
  • There's a freethinker in your state
  • A block will be their fate
  • Gender's a social construct, and so is age
  • Yeah, destroy this wiki page by page


  • Chorus: We are harassed
  • Victimized myself so it won't stop
  • Show the memers fun will be stopped
  • Meme genocide all over the place
  • Punch the admins in the face


  • Chorus: We are always right
  • Go down town to get a ride
  • See a memer? Block the fuck
  • Memes will end sometime near
  • Let's force opinions everywhere


  • Chorus: We are harassed

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