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Sophie, Insecurity, TGB1 and Lemon

GoGang Junior (AKA: GoGang Jr.) is a spin-off of GoGang that is targeted at preschoolers. It was created by TGB1. It often mocks other baby-themed kid shows.


  • Sophie: A 5 year old girl. She likes to think she is an orange weasel otter.
  • Insecurity: A 6 year old boy. He is rather unlucky, but loves taking risks.
  • TGB1: A 5 year boy. He is quite quick-tempered, but he has a good heart.
  • Lemon: A 5 year old boy. He thinks of himself as the only kewl one here.
  • Nanny: A fucking ripoff of the Muppet Babies character of the same name


Season 1

1: Evil Babysitter/Rainy Day - The gang is babysat, but they think the babysitter is out to get them!/The gang is staying inside the house due to a rainstorm.

2: First Day of School/The Big Halloween Scare - Insecurity is worried about his first day of 2nd grade./Lemon pulls a Halloween prank on the others.

3: The Fire Truck/Carnival Chaos - The gang learns about fire safety after TGB1 gets scared by a smoke alarm./While at a carnival, the gang creates massive havoc one way or another.

4: Have You Seen This Otter?/The Perfect Pet - Sophie goes missing and the others must find her./The gang fights over what kind of pet they should get.

5: Mall Madness/Rules of the Game - The gang pays their first visit to the local shopping mall./TGB1 tries to learn how to play a board game with the others.

6: Lost Cause/Sugar Rush - Lemon loses track of TGB1's pet hamster./Insecurity has a sugar rush after loading up on sweets.

7: Dark Days Ahead/Homework Time - The gang tries to help TGB1 overcome his fear of the dark, but they only worsen it./Sophie procrastinates when she is told to do her homework.

8: Doctor Sophie/The Movie - A visit to the Doctor's uncovers Insecurity's fear of needles./The gang becomes hooked onto a movie, and endlessly watches it night in, and day out.

9: When You Wish Upon a Star/School Fundraiser - Lemon spots the first star one night, but can't decide what to wish for./TGB1 sells the gang's unwanted belongings for a fundraiser, but soon goes too far.

10: Growing Up/New Digs - The members of the gang pretend to be grown-ups./The gang attempts to dig a hole to China.