Full name Leonard "Lemon" Frucster
Alias(es) Lemon, annoyance, the conductor of death
Species Mutated human
Race Caucasian
Age 18 (as of 2025)
Gender Male
Birth date April 20 2007
Birth place New York City
Death date TBA
Death place TBA
Fate TBA
Height 5'8
Weight 163 lbs
Alignment Neutral Good
Occupation Crime fighter
Religion None
Family Unnamed parents
Friends Chrome, TGB1, Insecurity, Sophie
Enemies Travonz, Baraksih, Chimerus
Likes Justice, discovering information, aggravating his opponents
Dislikes Injustice, murderers, evil doers.
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Actor Steve blum

Galvon Frucster is a mutated human from the Proelium Dimension with the ability to control electricity, he is a member if the Proelium Dimension Force and currently resides in GoCity. He is one of the main protagonists of Proelium Dimension Force and appears in other works set in the Proelium Dimension.







Lemon is known for his crude but calculating personality, he will often manipulate his opponents into falling into his traps. He is brutally honest with people and always speaks his mind even at the most inappropriate of times.




Lemon is a white young man standing at about average height with a slender build, he has long black unkempt hair and brown eyes, he later loses one of his eyes and wears and eyepatch.

He wears a brown biker trench coat which is always open, and he wears a black undershirt.

Powers and abilities

Lemon has the ability to control electricity, he can absorb electricity from anything which contains it, even living beings. He can then use that electricity to blast his opponents, create small magnetic fields and (If he has enough electricity) act as a defibrillator.

He uses a schimitar and is quite skilled with it, he often uses it in conjunction with his electricity manipulation.

Lemon is however not very skilled in hand to hand combat and is not very durable, so he can be knocked out quickly if not careful



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