Why did Dad decide to open a pizza shop anyway? Did he get tired of baked ziti?
— Eric
Eric Pearson is the deuteragonist of Comedy World, and PC Guy's simple-minded younger brother. Eric is voiced by Josh Peck.


Eric is rather dimwitted and quite immature. When it's a slow day, he can usually be found doing one of these three things: sitting in front of the TV whilst eating potato chips, reading the latest issue of Match Boy and Girl, or surfing the web. While he may not be intelligent, he is a happy-go-lucky individual, and is always willing to put the knowledge he does have to good use.


  • Eric is 12 years old.
  • As revealed in the episode Ditch Day, he has skipped school 38 times, starting from 1st grade.
  • According to PC Guy, Eric's blood type is "DUMB+".
  • As revealed in An Onix-pected Adventure, Eric once had an imaginary friend named Kevin. He strictly believes that Kevin “ran away from home”.
  • Eric is the only main character from Comedy World who didn't appear in the 1983 short, Bad Luck Benjamin.
  • During development of the series, Eric wore a red hoodie instead of his trademark blue t-shirt.