Era of a Nation is a cyberpunk action comedy show created by Chaossy for Adult Swim, produced by Williams Street, and Titmouse. It was announced in August of 2016 with a release date of late 2017. It is also a part of the Proelium Dimension as well, taking place 250 years after Finale.

The series is about a smuggler who rebuilds Chrome from robot parts from around The City, but can he outrun the law and protect Chrome?


Major characters

  • Timothy Deu - A Chinese-American who is a smuggler. After searching 5 years for robot parts, he rebuilds a machine from scratch.
  • Trivance - A robot that was rebuilt by Timothy. He only has faint memories from when he was first rebuilt.
  • Commissioner Hayo - An Japanese-American who is the head of The City's police, and is also the sheriff of Level 3.

The City

The City is a three level city, with walls and very strict security in all of them. Level one is where the regular peasants live, level two is where most people live, and level three is where all the rich people live, and where the security headquarters is located.


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