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Episode List. You can suggest episodes in the comments.

Season 1

  1. End of the Shitposting era: Chrome notices it is time to make a new wiki to get away of the shitposts because they can't co-exist wuth serious stuff. (Airdate: January 9, 2017) (Written by GensokyoAngel)
  2. Making a Horror Game: Sade is trying to make a Horror RPG game, but it is often unable to due to being scared to it, so she tries to create courage. (Airdate: January 9: 2017) (Written by Sade)
  3. Oh, the Drama!: When an argument between the users becomes chaotic, Sophie tries to settle it down with the mediation process. (Airdate: January 16, 2017) (Written by Sophie)
  4. Omigosh!: When Sonic gets scared by a Fat Jelly Enterprises logo, he has to return the pirated disc to Gamestop.