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Creativeness Show is a series that is a parody of Creativeness Wiki and it's userbase.



  • Chrome: A robotkin who is the owner of the wiki, who had created the wiki because Creation Wiki became a shitpost zone.
  • Igor: A weeaboo who was one of the first users of to join the wiki. Even if he likes some American stuff, he is still a weeb.
  • Sophie: A 16-years old who gets overly emotional at times, and accidentally gave birth to Jamesphie as well alongside James. She also loves obscure shows.
  • Pixel: "The voice of reason" of the show, who happens to be the more sane person of the wiki. Also loves The Loud House. She also loathes stale memes and corn flakes.
  • Dave: A staff member of Wikia/Fandom who is secretly evil.
  • Pingy: Igor's friend who worships Igor, and he also has a crazed obsession for Super Mario.


  • Oliver: Igor's friend who happens to run FanonLand Wiki. He will more than often promote Creativeness Wiki. He also goes through drastic lengths to avoid Lemon Athiest.
  • Chaossy: A Fiction Foundry admin who no one cares about lol also he loves anime but isn't a weeb.
  • BoyInCharge55: Someone who has an obession with Mametchi.
  • Sade: Someone who enjoys Care Bears.
  • Phoenix: A edgy 25-year old who drives a 1997 Dodge Charger. (NOTE: MedionPhoenixDB94 changed the name of his character because Sonic2007 was banned.)


  • Mametchi: A tamagotchi that BoyInCharge55 obsessed so much that the wiki wrongfully decided to hate him. He's not that revealant.


See Creativeness Show/Episodes.


  • Unlike Creation Show, this show will not have dark and offensive humor at all.

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