Creation Universe is a theme park based on the various works of Creativeness/Creation Wiki (along with other things) It isn't a f*cking deathtrap, and won't be overrun by Josh0108's crap anytime soon.

List of Areas

Creativeness World

  • The Creation Coaster
  • The Hall of Creative Mirrors
  • The Creation Pirate Ship
  • Creation Climb
  • Creative Driver

GoGang, Sophie and TGB1 World

  • GoGang HQ
  • StopSociety HQ
  • Sophie Theater LIVE!
  • TGB1's House
  • Crocodile Matthew's Fortress

Comedy Land

Angry Birds Land

  • Red's House (A meet and greet area)
  • Chuck's Speedy Coaster
  • Bomb's Bumper Cars
  • Matilda's Wing Swings
  • Terence's Strength Tester
  • King Mudbeard's Castle
  • The Mighty Eagle

SpongeBob's Splashland