A list of episodes for Creation Show. Anyone casted in the show can write episodes freely. Those who aren't can suggest episodes in the comments.

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Season 1 (2014 - 2015)

  1. Christmas Cancer: Chrome cancels a Christmas celebration when a muslim user joins the wiki; Lemon gets diagnosed with colon cancer. (Airdate: 12/24/14) (Rating: TV-14-LV) (Written by Hat)
  2. 30 Minutes or Less: The crew must work together to solve a cryptic puzzle, once the entire wiki is hacked and becomes trapped inside a dome, with a ticking time bomb. (Airdate: 12/31/14) (Rating: TV-14-LV) (Written by Hat)
  3. White Powder: Chrome is kidnapped by members of the Mexican cartel, after Lemon frames him for stealing $10,000,000 worth of cocaine. (Airdate: 1/7/15) (Rating: TV-14-DLS) (Written by Hat)
  4. KK Joins The KKK: On a verge to prevent hunger in Africa, KK makes an association (The KingKool Klub) and brings a tribe of Ethiopians onto the wiki. (Airdate: 1/14/15) (Rating: TV-14-DLV) (Written by Hat)
  5. Wong Way: Chrome has to pay off a large debt to a Chinese Triad gang. (Airdate: 1/21/15) (Rating: TV-14-LV) (Written by Insecurity)
  6. Communist Wiki: In this hour-long episode, Igor replaces Chrome as the dictator of Creation Wiki. (Rating: TV-14-LV) (Written by Insecurity)
  7. Metal Madness: When Lemon and Hat are charged with drug possession, James suggests that the group form a radio-friendly metal band (think modern-day Avenged Sevenfold) so that their army of fans can protect them from the cops. (Rating: TV-14 DLV) (Written by James)
  8. Vamos Todos Chupar Dele Pau: After Igor gets triggered, radical Igorist rebels start invading WikiaLand, now Hat and Lemon must start the 10th crusade by reviving the crusaders and get rid of the Igorists.
  9. O Man: Chrome creates the 666th page on the wiki and accidentally unleashes a demon named Cringe who wishes to destroy the wiki. (Rating TV-14-V)
  10. Girls Just Want To Suck Some: Some lesbian bikers attack the wiki and plan to eat the guys's (diminutive) willies. Only the female wiki users can save them by becoming lesbians. (Rating TV-MA-SV)

Season 2 (2015 - 2016)

  1. Dave's Arrival: Dave arrives and attempts to catch admins doing something shifty so he can shut down the wiki. (Rating TV-14-LSV)
  2. Nice Shirt: Insecurity buys a black polo shirt, and Igor accuses him of being racist. (Rating: TV-14-DLSV)
  3. Shut Up: Igor gets triggered after Hat tells him to shut up. (Rating: TV-MA) (Writer: Ralf Hat)
  4. The Canadian Street Gang: TBE. (Rating: TV-14-LV) (Written by Insecurity)
  5. Angry Food Critic Helps You Cook:
  6. Spiders, Koalas, Dingoes, OH MY!: In this hour-long episode, the gang goes on vacation to Australia. (Rating: TV-14 LV) (Written by Insecurity)
  7. Last Minute Delivery: TBE. (Rating: TV-MA) (Written by Insecurity)
  8. Igor Strikes Back: When Igor and his Igorians threaten to take over the Creation Wiki, all hell breaks loose and everyone begins to get arrested over small offenses.
  9. Martin Luther King Jr. Road: Insecurity and TGB1 get lost, and as a result, they end up at the ghetto part of town. (Rating: TV-MA) (Written by Insecurity)
  10. Racism & Facts: Chrome, KK, and James win a contest to guest star on a hit reality show, but they soon uncover a deadly secret about it. (Rating: TV-MA-L) (Written by Hat)