Creation Movie: A Musical is an upcoming theatrical film based on Creation Show. The film is a musical film directed by Ralf Hat, and will be written by him and other users as well. It is rated R for crude and sexual content throughout, brief graphic nudity, pervasive language, drug use and disturbing violence and imagery.


After brutal damage is taken upon the wiki, Chrome and the gang decide to pay off the damage by becoming a singing choir, singing actually good songs with terrible lyrics. Once becoming famous throughout Wikialand and later the entire world, the gang go on a nationwide tour around other wikis. Their fame however takes a hold of each one, who all begin to battle for "power" over the band, leading to a break up, and them going their separate ways. However, this comes to the attention of multiple villains, including a troop of soft-drink worshiping Jihadists, a mystery blacksmith, and some emos. The villains each attempt to kidnap the members of the gang and use their "most offensive song lyrics" to somehow enslave the planet.



  • Cornelius "Chrome" Lesbos
  • Insecurity "KK"
  • Lemon
  • Sophie
  • James
  • TGB1
  • Ralf Hat
  • Igor
  • Pixel


  • ToxicSuicide69
  • The Slit-Wrist Gang
  • Pepsi Jihads
  • Coca-Cola Jihads
  • Sprite Jihads
  • A&W Jihads





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