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Bucket Head
Full name Victor McCoy
Alias(es) Bucket Head
Columbine Child
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Age 14
Gender Male
Birth date April 20
Birth place Mountain Creek, Washington
Alignment Neutral
Occupation Middle school student
Religion Lutheran
Hair color Auburn
Victor McCoy (aka Bucket Head) is the main character of Kitchen. He was created by Ralf Hat.


Bucket Head is an average sized caucasian 14 year-old boy. He has auburn colored hair, a stressed looking appearance, and often slouches. His prime clothing style can be identified with his sky blue shirt and navy blue jeans. He also wears a crucifix (to explain how deeply religiously devout he is).


Bucket Head is a stubborn child, who is slightly popular in school compared to his friends. He gets decent grades, and portrays a rather on and off personality. Usually calm and compassionate, Bucket Head can change to a perverted anxious and violent person, as a result from his bullying.


Pants is Bucket Head's best friend since early childhood. The two are complete opposites but still tend to get a long (Pants is a Jewish gang member while Bucket Head is a religious "fuck-boy"). B.H will often help out his friend get out of trouble, only to be returned with nothing.

Bucket Head and Chuck are also very close to each other. Both usually think plans through and agree with most of each others ideas. The two are similar intellectually and maturely and are possibly more of a stable partnership than anyone else in the school.

Bucket Head's relationship on Rachel, his school crush tends to be a one way love. The two share a friendly bond soon after the shows film.


  • Bucket Head has multiple STDs as told at the end of season three's episode "Bucket List", after having sex with a Ukrainian prostitute.

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