Bedtime Barn Bunch is a fictional toy line from the Fleecy the Lamb web fiction series.


On May 1983, Elena Manco of toy and game company Giddy Group created prototypes of Bedtime Barn Bunch characters, then called Fluffy Farm Friends, which was trademarked in September of that year. After almost two years of development, the toys began distribution to children's toy stores around March 1985 as Bedtime Barn Bunch (the name was changed around 1984). Six months later, the toy line spawned a half-hour cartoon series co-produced by MiC Productions and Giddy Group on September 14th, 1985 on the network CBA (Countrywide Broadcast Association). This cartoon ran for two seasons, facing cancellation by January 1987. Shortly afterward, sales for the toys began declining. The toy line ultimately phased out by 1988. However, the cartoon series still aired in reruns on syndication up until 1990.

No plans of reviving the toy line and animated series have been announced, but in the final web fiction of the Fleecy the Lamb series, taking place at the end of 2017, news reports state that there will indeed be a revival of both the franchise and the cartoon, slating it to be released by 2020.



  • The fictional toy line draws inspiration from many stuffed animal franchises of the 1980s, such as Care Bears, The Wuzzles, and Puffalumps.

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