The 2018 World Sports Union season is the twenty-second season in the WSU and was formally announced on February 18th, 2017.

Preseason changes

New sports

It was announced that over the course of the year, there will be six cycling events in Europe and Asia. Also a new sport, which will branch off of the International Racing Stock Series, will be the Endurance Challenge, which will hold three races in Europe, and North America. It was also announced that ski jumping and speed skating will be demonstration sports for the year.

Also, in February of 2017, it was announced that a international summer baseball league will start in 2018, with a practice tournament in 2017. In March, it was announced that there will be a indoor cycling tournament at a location to be announced.


  • February 9th-10th - Ski jumping & Speed skating (Demonstration sport)
    • M-Wave (Speed skating, Japan), Lysgårdsbakken (Ski jumping, Norway)
  • February 17th - Opening ceremonies
    • Beijing National Stadium, China
  • February-April - International Racing Stock Series
    • International venues
  • February-March - International Basketball Tournament
    • Sofia-Instanbul, Europe
      • Arena Armeec (Sofia, group stages), Abdi İpekçi Arena (Instanbul, group stages, quarter finals), Ülker Sports Arena (Instanbul, group stages, quarter finals, semi finals), Sinan Erdem Dome (quarter finals, semi finals, finals)
  • March-October - Endurance Challenge
    • International venues
  • April-June - Premier Football Championship
    • Yokohama-Tokyo-Saitama, Japan
      • Saitama Stadium 2002 (Group stages), Ajinomoto Stadium (Group stages, quarter finals), Tokyo Dome (Quarter finals, semi finals), International Stadium Yokohama(semi finals, finals)
  • April-September - World Cycling Challenge
    • International venues
  • May-October - International Baseball Championship
    • Los Angeles-Oakland-San Francisco, California
      • Jackie Robinson Stadium (Group stage), Oakland Coliseum (Group stage), Qualcomm Stadium (Quarter finals), Petco Park (Quarter/Semi finals), AT&T Park (Finals)
  • June-August - International Open Wheel Championship Series
  • August - Global Indoor Cycling Championships
    • Lee Valley VeloPark, London, England
    • International venues
  • October - Global Hockey Championship
    • Dallas, Texas
  • November 4th - Closing ceremonies
    • U.S. Bank Stadium, United States

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