The 2017 World Sports Union season is the twenty first season in the WSU since it's inception in 1997.


  • March 1st - Opening ceremonies
    • Bell Centre, Canada
  • March 2nd-May 28th - 2017 International Racing Stock Series
    • International venues
  • March 6th-March 25th - 2017 International Basketball Tournament
    • Hanover-Berlin, Germany
      • Mercedes-Benz Arena (Berlin), Max-Schmeling-Halle (Berlin), TUI Arena (Hanover, finals (if outdoors is rained out), Niedersachsenstadion (Hanover, finals, outdoors)
  • May 17th-July 9th - 2017 Premier Football Championship
    • Dublin-Belfast, Ireland
      • Solitude (Belfast), Windsor Park (Belfast), The Oval (Belfast), Tallaght Stadium (Dublin), UCD Bowl (Dublin), Aviva Stadium (Dublin, finals)
  • June 2nd-August 25th - 2017 International Open Wheel Championship Series
    • International venues
  • August 20th-September 30th - 2017 Global Hockey Championship
    • Nagano-Tokyo, Japan
      • Big Hat (Nagano), Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo), Tokyo Dome (Finals)
  • September 10th-September 23rd - Practice baseball tournament
    • SK Happy Dream Park (Incheon, finals), Jamsil Baseball Stadium (Seoul), Gocheok Sky Dome (Seoul), Mokdong Baseball Stadium (Seoul)
  • October 1st - Closing ceremonies
    • Camp Nou, Spain

Broadcasting rights

United States

Coverage of these events are produced by Axiom-RaGE Sports Productions and aired on their channels.

Broadcast schedule

Date Event Info Location Network Timeslot Running time Ratings Notes
March 1, 2017 Ceremonies Opening ceremony Bell Centre Axiom Prime 7p-9:30p EST 2h 30 minutes TBA First ever opening ceremony shown live on television
March 2nd IRSS Practice I Montreal, Canada Axiom Sports 11a-1p EST 2 hours TBA Live
March 2nd IRSS Practice II Montreal, Canada Axiom Sports 3:30p-4:30p EST 1 hour TBA Live
March 3rd IRSS Qualifying Montreal, Canada Axiom Prime 1:30p-3:30p 2 hours TBA Live
March 4th IRSS Warm-up Montreal, Canada Axiom Sports 11:15a-12p 45 minutes TBA Live
March 4th IRSS Prerace/Race Montreal, Canada Axiom Prime 12:00p-3:30p 3 hours 30 minutes TBA Live
March 6th IBT Game #1 - Round of 16 Verdun Auditorium, Montreal RaGE 1p-3:30pm EST 2 hours 30 minutes TBA Live
March 6th

News & pre/post show schedule

Date Info Location Network Timeslot Running time Ratings Notes
February 28 Preshow to the games Axiom Broadcast Center @ Westgate Las Vegas Axiom Prime 8p-9:30p 90 minutes N/A Live
March 1st Preshow to ceremonies RaGE Canada Studio
Bell Centre surroundings
Axiom Prime 6p-7p 60 minutes N/A Live

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